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Bryan Cranston


Most expect Bryan Cranston will take home the award for Lead Actor in a Drama series -- but some entertainment gurus aren't so sure.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made more than one off-color remark while addressing a Las Vegas Asian business group.


Officials have confirmed that this is the first Israeli death since the new round of fighting broke out between Israel and Hamas on Tuesday.


Speaking at a conference Friday, Janet Yellen acknowledged the economy has made 'considerable progress' since the recession.

Man in military uniform and woman in dress


Sara was married for a day before she learned her husband's secret. Then, she had to make a choice that would change many lives.

HuffPost Live

Doctors feared a 60-year-old had cancer, so they did an MRI -- and what they discovered is not for weak stomaches.
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Oakland lifts ban on pinball

The scent of fresh denim and new markers -- is there anything better? 'Tis the season for discount shopping with one great deal after another.

cell phone


When a Virginia mother went through her daughter's cell phone and tablet, she was appalled -- and made a call to the sheriff's department.
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Couple texts only with emojis
College bans social media

Chicago boy shot


The horrific crime happened in a back yard in broad daylight after Antonio Smith ran outside upset because he could not have a cupcake.

Paul Stoner


This guy was arrested for manufacturing marijuana -- but that's not why he's getting tons of attention.



Kiev is fuming after Moscow sent a convoy of aid trucks across the border into rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine on Friday.

Winter Storm in East


The highly anticipated winter prediction from the Farmer's Almanac has finally been released.


It used to be a staple in every American home, but sales of the iconic treat have plummeted.

South Central Correctional Facility

Police responded to a wreck in W. Va. on Friday -- and were stunned by what they found inside the SUV.

officer delivers baby


Officer Templeton came through big time when the panicked couple pulled up next to his car and started honking for help.
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Man rescued from 100-foot cliff



Police say a confession came just hours after it was revealed the couple lured the sisters into their car with a dog.

Mystery Meat


Those who aren’t faint of heart describe the meat as 'woodsy and delicious.'

Raw Oysters


A lot of people are afraid to eat raw oysters because they think it will make them sick, but the dish only lands number 4 on this list.



WGN morning anchors were reporting on the flooding in Chicago -- but they didn't see this superhero coming.
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Pizza parlor in hot water
Uber ride cost $800


Anticipation for the film adaptation is high -- but researchers made some intriguing findings on those who read the popular book series.


William Hung's awful rendition of 'She Bangs' didn't get a yes from judges in 2004 -- but someone very special finally said it.

Historic photos


Before the digitization of information, the great libraries of the past were overwhelming storehouses of information, an amazing photo shows.

Aaron Knodler


North Dakota's top educator of 2014 is now on leave after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.


Tons of celebrities have been accepting the ALS challenge, but the former 'Baywatch' star said no.

Chinese fighter jet


U.S. officials denounced a Chinese pilot's alleged brush with a Navy aircraft earlier this week as 'unsafe and unprofessional.'

tractor ice bucket challenge

Storyful/Brendon Maldonado

Don't worry, Brendon isn't in danger -- and when you see what he's about to do, you'll definitely smile (and get the chills).
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World's largest ice cream scoop


The actress and Coldplay's frontman were reportedly seen getting cozy just months after splitting from their respective relationships.


The main conclusion is that how most do it now -- from back to front -- is not effective at all.


Information is scarce about Foley's left-handed killer, but while authorities piece together intel, here's what we do know.

Jon Novick


Jon Novick feels like a typical New Yorker -- but some definitely don't treat him that way.
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Couple texts only with emojis
Musicians spark talks in Ferguson


Police are investigating a 24-year-old businessman who has fathered 16 surrogate babies and desires to father hundreds more.

little girl chocolate doughnut


When her mother tried to get her to confess to eating a chocolate doughnut, this 4-year-old was quick on her feet.
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Tim Shaw ALS


Former Titans linebacker Tim Shaw recently accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge -- but it's not the icy water that has people talking.


The disappearance of journalist Steven Sotloff was practically ignored until he appeared in a video released by Islamic militants.


The Secretary of Defense admitted the Islamic State militants behind the recent beheading are 'beyond anything we've seen.'



The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman is fuming after the LAPD made a pretty massive error.


Four Kentucky firefighters were injured while they were helping a group of college students do the ice bucket challenge.

Michael Vick


New York signed QB Michael Vick to compete for the starting job -- but the controversial star has other plans as his career winds down.



Video has emerged of rescuers tirelessly giving the victim of a Melbourne car crash mouth-to-mouth resuscitation -- only he wasn't human.
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