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Library of Congress

Meet little Emma Kelly. When this photo of her was taken in 1911, she was just 8 -- and what she spent her days doing is heartbreaking.



Fast-food restaurants are expected to be targeted with acts of civil disobedience in approximately 150 US cities on Thursday.

Obama Milwaukee


The president took the stage at a union event in Milwaukee to rally enthusiasm for the state of the US economy -- with one caveat.

Jennifer Lawrence


The agency said it was addressing allegations that several stars, including Jennifer Lawrence, were victims of a photo hacking scandal.


This friendly-looking whale popped its head out of the water to greet some aquarium spectators.


Less than a week after a cease-fire halted the bloody 50-day war in Gaza, Israel announced it is seizing 1,000 acres of land.

Joan Rivers


The 81-year-old comedian's daughter, Melissa, issued a statement to update well-wishers on her mother's health.

Senegal ebola


Senegalese officials are monitoring everyone who came into contact with a 21-year-old student, who is the region's first case of Ebola.


Leandra's family says she was born in 1887 -- but officials are in need to investigate the claim since her birth certificate was lost 40 years ago.

Ferguson protests


Residents of Ferguson and beyond fail to see a gray area in the killing of Michael Brown, continuing to fuel national furor.

Todd English mugshot


The well-known chef, who has opened restaurants around the country, was arrested Sunday morning on Long Island.



The most infamous and oldest hate group in the country appears to be using this issue as a platform to increase its membership.

James Harden


This beard has become the subject of numerous painting and designs, and they may just blow your mind.

Taiga Matsui


Taiga Matsui caused a national sensation this weekend after he threw 700 pitches over 50 innings and ushered his team to victory.

Ray McDonald


Ray McDonald, the 29-year-old defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers, was jailed on Sunday, according to police in Santa Clara, Calif.


Kenneth Bae, Matthew Miller & Jeffrey Fowle, all detained in N. Korea, spoke out about conditions and pleaded for help from the U.S.

Self-driving car


Self-driving cars should make roads significantly safer -- and that would present a bizarre unintended consequence in healthcare.

tip money


Many of us know the 15 percent rule for restaurants, but when it comes to valet and bartender gratuity, it's easy to get confused.
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A groundbreaking study found a link between our emotional states and the foods we eat.

outer space

Gregor Kervina via Getty

Scientists in Illinois are exploring the hypothesis that the world is more like a television image.
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The president set aside a few hours last Saturday night to spend a joyous evening with his family in Westchester, NY.


Cooking the perfect steak is easier said than done -- but there are a few definitive methods to consider (with the science to back them up).



Archeologists have recently discovered the city of Lagunita -- and that wasn't the only city that has been uncovered.
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When Kai's parents gave him a bowl of soup, he tried to mimic what they were saying.



The issues are whether teams view Sam as a valuable asset, and whether the organization is able to handle the media circus.

David Muir


David Muir takes over in the anchor chair for Diane Sawyer on Monday night as the new face of ABC's nightly news broadcast.

flying passenger


Flying can be a difficult experience for anyone, but especially for those who have this common disease.


23-year-old Natalie has a way to permanently delete texts from your friends' phones after sending.



Star pitchers Clayton Kershaw, Josh Beckett and Tim Lincecum each fired no-hitters earlier this season -- but certainly not like this.
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Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is taking on a challenge of spending no more than $79 on food and other recreational expenses.

Baby with cape


From amazing eyesight to abnormally strong bones, babies may possess incredible hidden abilities you usually only see in comic books.

Doctor with patient


When Cameron Wohl found himself on the brink of death, his brother Jared luckily didn't hesitate to act.


The radical Islamist activist has been all over cable news lately, talking about using the mainstream media to spread messages.

coffee beans

ValentynVolkov via Getty

There are many 'facts' we all believe to be true -- but allow us to blow your mind (Psst: Coffee comes from a seed).
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In an effort to chase Netflix & HBO for a top spot with original series, Amazon snags some big-name actors.

home alone

FogStock/Alin Dragulin via Getty

Admit it: You've totally had a full conversation with your pet.
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Navigation system


Features like navigation and 911 assistanced used to be reserved for the most expensive vehicles -- but a Kelley Blue Book survey shows those days are gone.

Tony Stewart


The controversial driver's return to the track was cut short after collisions forced him to pull out of the race on Sunday.

Guy and kid


At home (when he has time to be home) Craig Skistima is called 'dad' -- but in the gaming world, he's a pretty big deal.
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