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Mayor Bill de Blasio


Officials confirmed Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, tested positive for the virus Thursday, but attempted to ease concerns about spreading.

Nathan Cirillo


A moving scene emerged at a makeshift vigil for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the reservist killed in a terrorist attack in Ottawa.

Empty subway car


As Ebola spreads, everyone is wondering -- how long can the Ebola virus live on a surface like a subway handrail?

Ukrainian army soldiers maneuver with artillery field guns on the coastline near the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol on October 21, 2014. Ukraine's Western-backed leadership vowed on October 21 to conduct a full enquiry into allegations the army used banned 'cluster bombs' in its push against pro-Russian insurgents in the separatist east.AFP PHOTO/ ALEXANDER KHUDOTEPLY        (Photo credit should read Alexander KHUDOTEPLY/AFP/Getty Images)


A charred discovery near an eastern Ukraine village could severely undermine Russia's claims they weren't involved in the conflict.


After TLC said Thursday that the show's future is in question, the 'Honey Boo Boo' matriarch released a statement.

Frank Mankiewicz announces Thursday choice of Sen. Thomas Eagleton as vice presidential preference of McGovern in 1972


The press secretary who went before TV cameras to announce the death of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy passed Thursday of a heart attack.

Protester Hana Kato, of Tacoma, Wash., holds a sign that reads


As a jury preps to judge whether to charge the officer in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, police may have already begun leaking info hinting at an outcome.

Steve Nash


Aging star Steve Nash had said this year would be his last in the NBA -- but now he won't be playing at all.

The air traffic control tower at the Frederick Municipal Airport.


Three people are dead and two are injured after the aircraft crashed into a line of trees and a pair of storage units near a Maryland airport.


After breaking an NFL record last week, Peyton Manning picked up where he left off against the division-rival Chargers in Denver.


Officials released alarming figures Thursday about how ISIS is funded -- and $1M a day only scratches the surface of the cash they rake in.

The manufacturer of the ET-Plus guardrail, banned in several states, was accused of defrauding the federal government for years.



Ryan was annoyed about having to work an extra shift -- until a customer reached into her purse.



Chip can't pull his move off -- but he tries so hard and seems so embarrassed that we can't stop watching.

Duchess Kate


The Duchess of Cambridge flaunted a little black dress on Thursday during her third outing since her severe morning sickness.



A couple was fighting over a pricey item -- and the court case came down to one phrase he never said.
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Costume could be most pricey

Senior portrait

A Nebraska high school's unanimous decision on students' contentious yearbook pictures has raised eyebrows across the nation.



Chances of winning the lottery are slim, but Jen's $3.8 million jackpot was especially bizarre.
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gold nugget butte california

Chico Enterprise-Record

Back in July, the valuable find was discovered with a metal detector in Butte County, Calif. -- and now it's going up for sale.

Randy Jackson


The former 'American Idol' judge revealed the routine he follows to stay healthy.

Melissa Rivers posts #TBT photo of her mother

Melissa Rivers


The reality star opened up for the second time since her mother's passing and posted a sweet photo of the late comedic icon. Her touching tribute and caption


The infamously reclusive regime appears to have gone further than any other nation with its latest move to avoid the deadly disease.

Some of America's oldest and most haunted homes are on the market, and they could be yours ... if you're willing to share with the previous owners.


Pa. school officials announced they prematurely ended a high school football team's season amid disturbing hazing accussations.

zoe saldana

AOL Originals

You know Zoe as a glam actress -- but you likely know very little about her 'humble' upbringing.



Without warning, a man with a hatchet charged at NYPD officers in broad daylight Tuesday.

Egg, bacon and beans breakfast on wooden table


Two conflicting studies try to settle whether the first meal of the day encourages weight loss or weight gain.

Game of Thrones


'Game of Thrones' and many of your favorite programs are part of a multi-billion dollar industry that's about to be hit with a major shakeup.
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Oscar de la Renta wedding gown

Jana Williams Photography

These 20 women made jaws drop when they spent their wedding days in one of the late designer's genius creations.

Bubble wrap packaging material


Today's ultimate packing material was invented in the '50s -- with something very different in mind.

Mom, baby


Kelly didn't want to overreact when she didn't feel her baby kicking, but a simple precaution turned out to be the best decision she ever made.

Roll of aluminum foil.


Few could imagine aluminum foil being used for anything other than as a food wrapping, but its original application was far from the kitchen.

Kevin Kolb


Kevin Kolb says he still feels the effects of the injury that forced him to walk away from the NFL at age 29.

taylor swift


A 'tune' on Swift's album is a glitch -- but somehow, it's also a hit.

special diet


Benefits of eating these specific foods include weight loss, reduced fatigue and lower cholesterol levels.

pumpkin seeds


It's that time of year, and who doesn't love the taste of fresh and toasty pumpkin seeds?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers


From MVPs and rising stars, to injured icons and rookie flops, our list of the league's top 40 signal-callers has it all covered.

Statue of Liberty


You're not the only one dressing up this year -- the Statue of Liberty is joining in on the fun, too.
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