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Neighbors describe a healthy and quiet man, while the German media has painted a depressed pilot who received psych treatment.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid


The 75-year-old Senate minority leader revealed Friday that he would not seek re-election to another term.

East village fire


Officials said Friday morning that two people are still missing following an explosion that injured 19 people in New York City Thursday.



Government officials announced an aggressive five-year plan Friday to fight the threat posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Pope Francis


The second annual ranking of 'extraordinary men and women' ranges from people as diverse as Jimmy Fallon to William McRaven.

Betty White, Allen Luden


The 93-year-old star has a heartbreaking regret, and it has nothing to do with her career and everything to do with her late love.



You might think free coffee is enough to get you through the workday, but what if your office had an indoor slide and putting green?

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson


Valentino released a photo shoot of the actors Thursday, weeks after their surprise Fashion Week walk.
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Family and friends thought Dashrath Manjhi had gone mad when he would spend hours at a mountain every day for 22 years.



Saudi Arabia pummeled the country with airstrikes Thursday raising concerns about whether there would be any impact on oil prices.



A study says that Americans are literally flushing millions and millions of dollars down the toilet.
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City's water on contamincated list
Famed sea otter dies

What to Expect

Chelsea was pregnant with her first baby, and when she walked in for an ultrasound, she couldn't believe what the doctor told her.

NASA Black Hole


The planet's largest gamma ray observatory geared up for a 10-year project after undergoing five years of construction.


History Channel

On Thursday's 'Pawn Stars,' a potential seller came in with an Edward Hopper drawing that gave the expert chills.
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Lee Kuan Yew's death at age 91 has been met with an outpouring of grief, as evident in Singapore's overwhelming show of respect.

Ben Affleck


Jennifer Garner was beaming in the crowd Wednesday when her hubby presented an important issue.
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Olive the sea otter was an ambassador for her species after a remarkable recovery from an oil tar soaking in Northern California.
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The 'Scarborough 11' reportedly don't 'fit' with Hartford's definition of a family, and they're facing eviction.



You may not recognize them immediately, but this British brother and sister are in line to control their father's $4.2B empire.

Joan Rivers


It's been over six months since the world lost Joan Rivers -- and one celebrity is opening up about their unresolved issues.
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celebrity in disguise


Unsuspecting shoppers at an electronic store in Australia had no clue that this man in a wig and hat is a huge celebrity.

school bathroom


A Florida high school is under fire for the 'invasion of privacy' the board implemented.

celebrity throwback


This future celebrity has come a long way since this snapshot -- she has even replaced that corn on the cob with a shiny Oscar statue.

beautiful skin


Get amazing anti-aging results without going under the knife: A volumizing, sculpting product that just might change your life.

Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel looked ready to pop on Wednesday, just one month after hubby Justin Timberlake confirmed the pregnancy.
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Han Solo


This iconic movie role catapulted Harrison Ford into stardom, but another well-known actor tested -- and got snubbed -- for the part.



Angelina Jolie's recent op-ed has a lot of people thinking about the disease, but how do you know when it's time to see a doctor?



Two engineering students figured out a potentially revolutionizing way to put out a fire instantly.

Job interview


A larger-than-expected drop in unemployment claims could mean that good news is coming for frustrated job seekers.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica may seem idyllic, but it was 8th on the list -- and the U.S. didn't even make the top ten.



It's something many announce — and this couple chose to snap a pic holding some items to give a clue.


Everyone's heard about the healthy effects of red wine, but another popular alcoholic beverage has some powerful health benefits of its own.

Mark Johnson


ABC5 weather man Mark Johnson was asked to read a quick message on air -- and one viewer definitely didn't see it coming.
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Oatmeal topped with granola, banana, dried cranberries and honey.


If you are fatigued during the day, your diet may be to blame -- but the foods really contributing to your exhaustion may surprise you.

Zayn Malik has left One Direction


In his first interview after leaving the boy band, Zayn gets candid about his decision.

White rice in a metal pan


Scientists figured out a way to cut a dramatic amount of the calories in rice, and it takes one simple -- and unexpected -- ingredient.
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How to perfectly fry an egg

kiss cam

The kiss cam caught this girl and the guy next to her, but he was not so keen on giving her a smooch.

Huntington Beach


Police said Thursday that a woman's reported abduction was a hoax, but her boyfriend's lawyer strongly stated otherwise.

J.Lo rocks two totally different looks in one day

Jennifer Lopez

Splash News

The 'American Idol' judge started off Wednesday in a boring sweatsuit, but she ended the night in a stunning, sexy dress.Her drab to fab transforomation
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