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The Calehr family poses for a photo.


An 11-year-old boy hugged his mom before boarding the ill-fated plane that was shot down last week.

A day after the president's health law took a beating in court, a nonpartisan group unveiled a scathing new report.



The pair of military jets were reportedly downed by pro-Moscow rebels on Wednesday, escalating an already volatile situation.



The U.N.'s top human rights official warned both sides to halt violations that amounted to 'crimes against humanity.'


While the chat started out well, it took a turn when host Kyle made an unfortunate comparison.


At least 47 are feared dead after a TransAsia Airways plane crashed during an emergency landing.

Justin Bieber


We're used to seeing Biebs in compromising situations (mug shots, etc.) -- but these pics are on another level.



Detroit was no. 5 in the list, and the metropolis that took the top slot may surprise you.
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Reverse effects of sitting too long
78-year-old's weightlifting record


In a devastating accident, a recent college graduate died after he and friends dug a hole in the sand on a Calif. beach.

Steve Irwin


It has been almost 8 years since Steve Irwin's death -- and, for the first time, his daughter is speaking in-depth about her grief.

southwest airlines


Duff took to Twitter to share his travel woes -- and the next thing he knew, he and his kids were being asked to get off the plane.



McDonald's woes are continuing, and its latest debacle paints a troubling portrait of the future for the iconic chain.

deflated balloon


Melanie Weeks almost had her sons throw away the deflated balloons found in their yard -- until they saw what was tied to them.

imgur via Purple Clover

Before he grew up to become an Academy Award winning actor in one of history's most lucrative series, he toured with a production of 'South Pacific.'

woman stuns crowd weight loss

ABC/"Extreme Weight Loss"

Georgeanna, a pastor's wife, lost over 100 lbs -- and the 'Extreme Weight Loss' crowd was shocked.

Costa Concordia


With a convoy of boats, the ship that ran aground more than 2 years ago killing 32 will be towed to the Italian port of Genoa.

Willy Wonka

Wolper Pictures

Diana Sowle is best known for playing Charlie's mom, Mrs. Bucket, in the 1971 musical 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.'


Carlos Slim, the second richest man in the world, has ideas about weekends that some may think is radical.
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Controversial 'poor door' in NYC
Marriage trend for millennials

sand proposal

Justin Kuzmanich

When Chris took Annika to a scenic spot overlooking the beach, she didn't realize what she was standing above.
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Waterproof your cellphone
Beyoncé's tribute to iconic woman


Since walking free in 2011, sources say Casey Anthony is broke and lives in seclusion -- but has 'benefactors' who send her things.

Peaches Geldof


The results of her autopsy confirmed what police and her family had already suspected, but they still can't place one piece of the puzzle.


Most know to cook poultry to 180 degrees -- but there are things you can do before cooking to help protect yourself against foodborne illness.



When Dolly Jefferson saw her neighbor's dog already injured in a dangerous encounter, she took action immediately.
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11 puppies rescued from hot car
Are dogs woman's best friend?

elderly man ditches canes to dance


This man was having a good time on the dance floor when he did something that nobody expected.


A barber is giving people haircuts that make people do double takes -- and they definitely aren't for everyone.



The singer's 'do here isn't doing her any favors, but another look she rocks makes her look a lot younger.


Dwayne Johnson explained to Jimmy Fallon how he got into such incredible shape for the movie 'Hercules.'

Pat Bowlen


Pat Bowlen, 70, bought the Denver Broncos in 1984 when the team was facing bankruptcy and proceeded to bring them to six Super Bowls.


The British singer's 2-year-old son Angelo has won a privacy case after paparazzi photographed private family moments at the playground.


Venezuelan soldiers have begun removing hundreds of families from a half-built, 45-story building in the heart of Caracas.



If you have this heart condition, leafy greens can diminish the effect of your medication.


As news of his return to Cleveland spread, disruptive swarms of fans and journalists crowded around his Akron neighborhood.

Real Housewives of New York


The season finale was trending last night after 'leg gate' shocked both viewers and the show's stars.
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Bungee jump without a bungee

Nashville house


Glen wasn't happy with the construction in his neighborhood, so he took matters into his own hands.
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Gutsy grandma saves dog
Meet the 'marijuana millionaires'

woman sitting


We've all heard scary studies about what sitting does to us -- but a study says that there may be something you can do to help yourself.


The Super Bowl-winning running back got creative to make sure no one touched his white Lamborghini while it was parked in Oakland.



A petition to move Argentina's last captive polar bear, Arturo, to Canada had over a half-million signatures and was even supported by Newt Gingrich.



A new study found that this cosmetic enhancement goes more than skin deep -- and can even treat illnesses.

Restaurant tip


Usually, servers get 15 or 20 percent gratuity -- but what Michael got was much more than that.
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Small cat isn't afraid of a husky
Yard 'floats' after heavy rain

Weight loss

Everyday Health

Tracey decided to lose weight to help escape her abusive marriage and regain her confidence.


The star is obviously smitten with his newborn -- but he couldn't help but joke about one hilarious photo.

Brain scans


If you've wondered what it would be like to use all of your brain ... then you've been tricked by Hollywood.

Everyday Health

Tanina Agosto dropped to 93 pounds before doctors finally realized what was wrong with her.


Thousands of seniors are taking part in a program that allows them to stay in their homes and get much needed companionship.

doctor sings to babies

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja is known for doing something special after he delivers a newborn.

Invision for Parkwood Entertainment

Queen B surprised many when one roadie she 'couldn't live without' came on her tour this past March.

friends for 72 years


Dorothy and Florence have been friends for 72 years -- and they certainly don't feel their age.
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Balloon collides with power lines
Jimmy Fallon lying's competition



The Philippine military chief warned soldiers to remain 'non-partisan' as protesters mobilized in the streets of Manila on Wednesday.

soldiers marching


After rescuing a dog from Afghanistan and taking him home, a soldier was faced with the hardest choice.
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