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Peter Pan


The network has finally picked the star for its staging of 'Peter Pan Live!' -- the highly anticipated live telecast that will air in December.

Missing Mom

Fox News

A new photo of the Ore. mom who disappeared nearly a week ago has unveiled fresh details, police say.

Justin Bieber


The two celebs got into a heated scuffle Tuesday that reportedly ended with Bloom throwing a punch at the controversial young star.


Manning led Denver to the Super Bowl last season, but coming into this year, a panel of NFL experts places them behind two squads.

Jesse Ventura


Jesse Ventura was awarded $1.8M in damages on Tuesday after being defamed in a deceased Navy SEAL's book -- but the saga won't end there.

US Airways


A US Airways passenger in her fifties had no pulse when she arrived at the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.


Tuileries Garden in Paris is one of the most beautiful public parks in the world, but it attracts many unwanted visitors.

Dating Naked


Reality television's latest trend has contestants stripping down and baring it all on-air.


The once 'vagabond of music' festivals marks its tenth anniversary in Chicago -- see how it became 'Successapalooza.'

Fisherman's Grotto


It's one of the busiest restaurants in Monterey, Calif., but a sign out front is being blasted by those who walk by.
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A new study found that people who consistently do this exercise saw a 29 percent lower risk of death.
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Julya Johnson


Julya Johnson received a letter from a viewer about her appearance -- and she responded publicly.
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What your face says about you


The fast food titan has been on the rise since going public in 2012, but not all is rosy under the crown.

German crop circle


Thousands of people are making the journey to visit a crop circle that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a farmer's field.

power plant home


In search of a home for his family, Bill Petersen saw 'promise' in a neglected hydroelectric power plant.

'Extreme Weight Loss' Cassie

ABC/'Extreme Weight Loss'

Cassie began gaining weight after she gave up her son for adoption -- now, they've reconnected and she's happier and healthier than ever.
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dog soldier reunion

YouTube/Rachel Burich

This soldier had been deployed for 9 months -- and his dog, Izzy, had clearly been anxiously awaiting his return.

Karate clerk
A group of thieves attempted a brazen heist at a Houston gas station -- and that's when this semi-pro MMA fighter took action.



A Virginian mom used to love this delicious treat before bed, but a dangerous discovery has changed her mind.

How to quit being jealous


Whether it's something small like a casual activity or everyday things that make jealousy burn inside of you, we have real solutions for you.

Target retail store in Watertown, Mass.


New signs have experts predicting popular retailers like Walmart and Target may be on the decline.


Experts say that urine color can clue you in to everything from off diets to serious conditions.



Officials in the crime-ridden city defended their strict plan for children on Tuesday, which is one of the toughest of its kind.

Hyundai Elantra GT


The big sellers all have their merits -- but many great rides, like the Elantra GT, don't get the attention from shoppers they deserve.

Indiana Railroad

When they heard a train approaching, they realized they had nowhere to go.

President Obama

CNN Newsource

The President made a public confession at the National Medal of Arts Ceremony this week.

doggy door burglary


A would-be burglar's attempt to steal a bike from a Houston home has gone viral for more reasons than one.


Lillie Davis was sent home from the hospital when the nurses determined she wasn't quite ready to give birth.

Marc promoting in subwau

Huffington Post

Once a successful businessman, tragic life events left Marc Roth without a home.

The Conquerer


Many consider this 1956 flick to be one of the most horrendous creations to hit the big screen -- primarily because who got cast in the lead role.

Serena Williams


The tennis superstar appeared to be weak and unsteady when she retired from a doubles match at Wimbledon earlier this month.



Alcohol consumption may undermine medical treatment for one very common condition.

Tom Green Drew Barrymore


Tom Green opens up about his brief nine-month marriage to Drew Barrymore, revealing he hasn't spoken to her in many years.
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It doesn't always taste great -- but that's not what we're talking about. The high vitamin content in juicing can have a lethal interaction with certain drugs.



A generation of poor sunbathing habits has caused an alarming spike in a dangerous condition, the surgeon general said.

Andre Reed


Ex-Buffalo wide receiver Andre Reed profanely sounded off in response to the rock star's reported interested in buying the Bills.

Woman looking in the mirror


If you're looking to prevent dark spots, there's one easy thing you should do every day to avoid them.

A baby's first birthday is more about the parents, so why does it look like a baby picked the theme?

Hildale Utah


The 'America's Most Wanted Suites and Bed and Breakfast' occupies the imprisoned felon's compound.
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James, 3, was swinging a golf club before he could even walk, and he started hitting the ball around the house while he was crawling.

On the romance novelist's birthday, we celebrate her history and literary heroines through the ages.


An active lifestyle is not only viable -- but can also ease symptoms.

Gaza conflict


Many feel the mounting Palestinian death toll is putting Israel in danger of losing a battle for public opinion on the world stage.

Art Modell


Authorities in Maryland said a man will be charged after allegedly desecrating the grave of late owner Art Modell.


South Korea says their neighbors to the north fired four short-range projectiles off the east coast, in its latest series of tests.

Usain Bolt


The Jamaican sprinter made headlines for comments he allegedly made in the midst of competing at the Commonwealth Games.
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