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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

DAR in Austin/Flickr

Several theaters had big plans to get even with N. Korea after Sony's cancellation of 'The Interview' -- but they were abruptly stopped.


'The View'

The 'View' co-hosts don't always see eye to eye, but this may be the most heated fight they've ever had.
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Snooki's songs scare her baby
Minaj is starstruck on 'WWHL'



Court docs filed this week reveal Kris Jenner will fork over a huge sum of money when her marriage to the Olympian ends in 2015.

Actress Naomi Grossman as Pepper


Pepper is not the most, uh, attractive role, and Naomi Grossman spends up to six hours in the makeup chair.
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Hudson reunites with ex fiance
Anderson's mom calls ... on air

Courtroom sketch of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev


The accused Boston Marathon bombing suspect appeared for his pretrial hearing in a courtroom packed with FBI agents Thursday.

Prince Harry


Though he's known for being a joker, the royal's beautiful actions in Africa are proof that he's beyond charming.

Markus Kaarma


Jurors in Montana issued a verdict Wednesday in a case in which a man was on trial for murdering a teen who had invaded his home.


Though not her first faux-pas, viewers got more than they bargained for when they tuned in to watch Wednesday's 'WWHL.'



The crooner's duet with David Bowie is still going strong in our Christmas music tournament, but faces fierce competition in round 4.

Ray Rice and Janay Palmer


Months after footage of him striking his fiancée turned the sporting world upside down, Ray Rice discussed the event and what comes next.

Robin Williams son


The comedian's eldest son Zak spoke openly this week about how he and his siblings are coping with their dad's tragic death this year.

Kim Kardashian


Jordan Parke, 23, has undergone more than 50 costly procedures to get the reality star's look.



A new study revealed the profession that has the most overweight workers in the nation -- and the answer may be a surprise.



Heather Cagle's tearful apology did not win over outraged parents at the Catoosa, Oklahoma, school.
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Neighborhood goes dark
Thieves steal live Christmas tree



When he heard, 'hello darling,' he seemed mortified -- but things took an emotional turn he didn't expect.
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Jolie takes kids to photo shoot
Lady Gaga flashes Spanx

Aaron Rodgers


Green Bay's surprise loss in Buffalo opened the door for a previously top-ranked team to reclaim its throne in our football poll.

Festive table setting with spices on wood


Resist the urge to go all out and instead, consider these ideas for a less-is-more-approach to holiday decor.

 Masterpiece Equestrian Center in Davie, Fla.,


Devastated owners are pampering their horses in their final days as they are slowly dying at an equestrian center in Davie, Florida.

two and a half men


Rumors have been swirling about the February finale -- and past and present stars aren't staying silent about them.

suave baby

Pictures say a thousand words -- and when they don't, we can add adorable captions to them.

AOL Autos

America loves the Silverado: it has a sleek look and now it's more fuel efficient, but there's one vehicle that people love even more.

Daisy the dog


Steve thought he lost his dog when his boat sank, but Daisy refused to die.
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Fight to preserve ancient mural
Crimes caught on Google Earth



Not in the mood to call your local delivery joint? A new invention lets you order pizza to your door using a truly groundbreaking method.

the broken windshield in car accident


When doctors gave Mike an X-ray, they made an unexpected find -- and realized they'd have to act very fast to keep him alive.
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Tips for preventing break-ins
Holiday gift thief caught on cam



Dakota's family says his cane was taken away to humiliate him.
Did you hear?
Bird flu confirmed in state
Break made in 2012 cold case

bad tattoo

Many people who get inked for a cool look or permanent memory end up with lots of regret instead.


A Texas plumber traded in his truck last year and is now shocked to see where it surfaced -- with his company's name still on the door.

Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt was prepared to do his civic duty, but the judge decided he wasn't a good fit.

Blake Lively


It's no secret that mom-to-be Blake Lively is absolutely gorgeous -- but what's her secret?

heart attack


In a Florida Wal-Mart, Genard fell to the floor, but the local deputies say it was all planned.
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Child nearly abducted in Fla.
Veteran's stolen pup returned

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has previously made headlines for run-ins with the law -- but his new move has some scratching their heads.
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French Montana's misspelling
7 facts about Victoria Justice



An issue of People magazine was quickly snapped up, selling 1,169,800 copies following a star's death.
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Claire Danes talks fame at 15
Dornan talks '50 shades' prep


The president commuted the sentences of 8 inmates under a new policy on Wednesday -- and is expected to pardon 12 more.



Police corporal Jason Barthel has released a line of t-shirts that some say are mocking the Eric Garner abuse case.

Fox Terrier


The American Kennel Club said it will now allow more dogs to compete in its prestigious national canine competition.
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In-flight entertainment makeover
Help Santa with these digital apps


Everyday Health

After beating cancer, Nelson Rosa felt some major differences in his sexual drive and performance.


With the hot coffee comes a clever surprise your friends will love -- and it is just one of many fun white elephant gifts.
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