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Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr.


Michael Brown's parents begged protesters in Ferguson to remain calm Friday as they await a grand jury's imminent decision.

Airstrike footage


The Defense Department this week released dramatic new footage of strikes carried out in Iraq against the terror group.



House Republicans filed a lawsuit Friday, accusing the president of overstepping his legal authority and 'making his own laws.'


A three-day onslaught has dumped 7 feet of snow on Buffalo and killed at least 12 people -- and officials warn that more danger is coming.


With yet another alleged victim coming forward, Bill Cosby shows all over the U.S. have been dropped -- except for one happening Friday.

Ruby Holt


Ruby Holt spent most of her life living on a farm, but this week her lifelong dream came true when she finally got to hit the beach.

crash test


A troubling series of minivan crash tests reveals how safe the vehicles really are.
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Recording artist Roselyn Sanchez shocked fans Thursday night at the Latin Grammys in a dress that left very little to the imagination.

Al Roker


'Today' has been in the rumor mill all week, and now the weatherman is purportedly in trouble with execs.
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Royals demand dress code?
'Average' doll is a big hit


Nagui Antoun

A man went to the doctor after experiencing headaches for years, and the brain scans left them baffled.
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Snoring kitten annoys brother


With gas prices tumbling, Americans have gone on a buying frenzy for one famous model.

Female doctor examining male patient's glands in clinic


Men are notoriously lax about getting a doctor's opinion -- but certain signs call for action.

Amazon Jungle, Peru


A photographer was in the rainforest when he saw bright lights coming through a dirt wall.
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An image showing the heat shield of NASA's Curiosity rover, obtained during descent to the surface of Mars.


Despite breakthroughs in robotic exploration of the red planet, there are several big questions scientists must solve before man can travel there.


Amanda Sanders

The procedure means you don't have to go under the knife to go up a cup size -- and Amanda's tried it (twice).
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Family battles over service dog
Anchor 'break into' boss' email

Jay Leno


Jay let wounded soldier Cpl. Laberge drive his brand new car to thank him for his service -- but the surprise certainly didn't end there.

samantha hess pro cuddler


Samantha Hess' job may sound like a joke at first -- but she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Atomic Toasters

If getting fit with no effort sounds too good to be true, it's because it is. But the vibrating belt of the 1960s wasn't the only fitness fad to dupe consumers.

Britain's Prince William (C) and his wife Catherine


The dress code won't be for Kate and William -- it applies to the reporters who are covering them.

Sky News

Bethany was about to go into labor and couldn't make it to the hospital -- but the help she got was nothing short of a miracle.

Disney Trip Crash


Michael and Trudi Hardman were en route to the resort with their six children Wednesday before their SUV rolled over killing five passengers.



While residents dig out from this week's monster snowstorm, scientists said the planet is on pace to smash some big-time records.

Robin Williams, son Zak & wife Marsha


For the first time since his dad's death in August, Zak, 31, opened up about his family's difficult 'new normal.'
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One Direction takes 'cutest selfie'
Country star comes out: 'I'm gay'

Florida State president John Thrasher


Myron May sent friends messages before the shooting saying they could expect packages Friday -- and now, authorities have found one.


A Red Cross courier was the victim of a highway robbery Friday when three thieves stopped his taxi and demanded he hand over a cooler.

grocery store shelves


Deana and Wona were typical working moms who had a little secret to getting dinner on the table quickly after a long day at the office.

Asian woman in bed with the flu


Influenza is a nasty virus in its own right -- but it might also increase a person's chances of suffering a life-threatening tear.

Broadway hotel


Tony and Jan had a horrible stay at The Broadway Hotel. Soon, they were slammed with a bill more expensive than their room.
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Child denied school lunch
Obesity comes with jarring cost



A new study investigates birthdays and which years we take the hardest look at our lives ... and ultimately make some big choices.



Take your grocery receipt and upload it through these rebate apps, and you'll get cash for premium products like produce and dairy.


Gloucestershire Police

Some cops have moved from sketches to composites, and they may make finding suspects pretty hard.
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Aerosol can ruptures at Macy's

Rick Harrison


Rick Harrison's art appraiser 'got goosebumps' when he heard a Raphael sketch could be at the 'Pawn Stars' shop.
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10 biggest employers in the world

Diana Oh

Diana Oh's outfit isn't what you'd expect to see while walking down the street -- but it's all for a cause.

Greg Selkoe


If you walked by Greg Selkoe on the street, you might not know he's a CEO -- but his co. is a big deal.

USA, New York City, Time Square, people walking


Nearly 8 million Americans aren't diagnosed, even if they regularly go to a health care provider.

Shawshank Redemption


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reunited some of the cast in celebration of one of the greatest movies of all time.


A detective investigating the high school shooting that left five dead said Jaylen Fryberg's texts turned dark the week before he opened fire.

Elegant Turkey meal for the holiday season


Simple kitchen shortcuts and other tips and tricks make preparing for Turkey Day so much easier.

Cars driving in snow


Millions of Americans will travel for Thanksgiving, which means there will be a lot more tired, rushed and intoxicated drivers on the road.
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