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A woman filed a federal lawsuit against N.J. on Thursday alleging a violation of the First Amendment.

The controversial pop star has reportedly bowed out of the remainder of her US tour dates.


The star is usually very successful, but last year he did a movie with Disney that really tanked.

Nina Davuluri


Miss America paid a visit to a Pennsylvania high school, and one student took a big chance.


This image of soldiers raising the American flag at Iwo Jima is seared into the nation's collective psyche.

A businessman in India thought he could get away with smuggling $16k in gold bars.


When Beka's neck began twisting painfully, doctors couldn't figure out why she was experiencing such intense muscle spasms.



After thousands signed on, White House preached immigration reform instead.

Blue Angels

Getty Images

A Navy officer is being investigated for alleged misconduct that occurred while he was in charge of the team.



Did you know that if right-handed people fib, they tend to look up and to the right?

The film's score was nominated for an Oscar, but it was a song you already know ... just slooowed down.

Susan Lucci and husband


Erica Kane's a maneater, but in real life, Susan Lucci has been married to one man for 45 years.

wyatt earp pistol


Items owned by wild west gun slinger Wyatt Earp went up for auction, some selling for almost half a million.

Festival style

Getty Images

Festivals like Woodstock and Lollapalooza have been unique purveyors of some of the biggest fashion trends over the years.



It was designed to bridge gaps between friends online and in person for 'serendipitous meetups.'


The star of 'A Haunted House 2' reveals his thoughts on the paranormal -- and Nick Cannon's recent controversy.

Heart Bleed


Govt. site now under review even though there is no indication it has been compromised.

Christina Hendricks beauty tips


Christina Hendricks' makeup artist has all the secrets to keeping ivory faces luminous but not shiny.



Rescuers searched through piles of snow in a climbing route area known as the 'popcorn field' for its bulging chunks of ice.
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