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The contractor will pony up serious cash for its role in the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.

Maria and Arnold


Years before Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his love child, it seems his wife was doing some philandering of her own.



As reports emerged of over a thousand Russian troops occupying rebel-held cities in Ukraine, President Putin got caught in a cold statement.


The Biebs was taken into custody on Friday after an ATV accident allegedly led to another dramatic incident involving the singer.

Eric Cantor


Although Eric Cantor lost his re-election bid in the June primary and left Congress in August -- he announced a career move on Tuesday.



The past three days may have put the nails in the coffin for one historic U.S. city on the brink of financial collapse -- yet hope still remains with one fact.


A large group of teenagers broke out of a Nashville youth detention center late Monday -- and 10 of them are reportedly still on the run.


Mark Williams spent his wedding night in jail after what he reportedly did to a pregnant, 19-year-old waitress at his party.

Beyonce Instagram


Celebrities look glamorous on Instagram -- but stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have been making tell-tale mistakes.
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American military forces assaulted a stronghold of the extremist al-Shabaab network on Monday, the Pentagon said.

The dethroned 16-year-old said she won't return her $100,000 crown unless the organization agrees to certain conditions.


Images published in a dual release on the covers of both People and Hello! magazines showcase the 39-year-old bride's unique choice of gown.


The country darling, 31, and hubby Mike Fisher, 34, took to Instagram Monday with some exciting news.


Chris McGrath

On some new planes, a hidden staircase leads to the spot where flight crews can get much-needed rest.

woman crying


Peggy 'didn't think there was a whole lot of great in the world' until two women saved her and her unborn child.


Evidence indicates they might have been smarter than we thought.
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Fran and her beau have been together since the day they met -- and they just celebrated one year.



The most infamous and oldest hate group in the country appears to be using this issue as a platform to increase its membership.

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Homepage for Heroes
Meet the cave-dwelling crew who are the stars of animated flick 'The Boxtrolls.' Opening in theaters September 26.

boy sent home long hair


Malachi was really excited to start school -- until he was unexpectedly sent home on the first day.
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Medical misdiagnosis is more common than you think. A recent study found that these errors may affect as many as 12 million people.


As 81-year-old Joan Rivers remains hospitalized in serious condition, friends say Melissa is focused on her mother's recovery.


From Kanye and Kim to the most anticipated wedding of all -- Brad & Angie -- we've got a round up of who said 'I Do' this summer.

Man photobombed by Michael Cera

This is Photobomb

This vacation photo was totally transformed when someone famous popped in the background.

107-year-old secret longevity


Merle's close friend credits the 107-year-old's longevity to her constant mobility -- but Merle's 'secret' is much less complicated.
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Julia Lease


Julia Lease has been flying a flag outside her apartment for 36 years -- and she just got a notice to remove it.
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The former lead singer responsible for '80s hits and the theme song from 'Baywatch' died Sunday at his home.



MarsOne plans to send four people by 2023 -- and if Max is selected, he'll be getting a one-way ticket.

Pete Frates

Boston Globe via Getty

Pete's diagnosis at 27 inspired the ice bucket challenge -- and an already exciting month just got better.

Fiji Peacekeepers


Al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels who took 45 Fijian peacekeepers hostage have issued a set of demands for their release, an official said Tuesday.



Previous research suggested that people who suffer from this illness should reduce their salt intake, but now doctors may not be so sure.



The issues are whether teams view Sam as a valuable asset, and whether the organization is able to handle the media circus.


23-year-old Natalie has a way to permanently delete texts from your friends' phones after sending.


Less than a week after a cease-fire halted the bloody 50-day war in Gaza, Israel announced it is seizing 1,000 acres of land.

rescued dog saves owner


Buddy sensed that disaster was near -- and his barking woke Martin up just in time to save his life.
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Scientists have found a way to enhance people's memories for a 24-hour period -- but they're also discouraging people from doing it.


Little Ryker Wixom is always dressed to impress, and his mom manages to style him on a budget.


You have to see it to believe it, but no eggshells were harmed -- because this is really a drawing.
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