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After the Giants and Royals exchanged leads in the early innings, a big rally in the sixth altered the game -- and stoked tensions.

secret service


Dominic Adesanya, 23, jumped the fence Wednesday night and attacked K-9 teams that approached him, authorities said.

Police and paramedics transport a wounded Canadian soldier on October 22, 2014 in Ottawa, Ontario. Canadian police backed by armored vehicles surrounded parliament in Ottawa on Wednesday after a soldier was shot while guarding a nearby monument. Witnesses said they saw a gunman running to the parliament building after the shooting. Heavily armed police raced to seal off the building and the office of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. AFP PHOTO/MICHEL COMTE        (Photo credit should read MICHEL COMTE/AFP/Getty Images)


'There will be no safe haven for those who try to bring savagery to our shores,' he said in a speech hours after a soldier was killed.

Ashoka Mukpo


In a statement Wednesday, the NBC cameraman said he felt blessed but was all too aware of the inequalities that saved his life.

Demonstrators march in protest for the disappearance of 43 students from the Isidro Burgos rural teachers college, in Mexico City, Wednesday Oct. 22, 2014


Mexican officials have detained two key figures as the 'probable masterminds' of the disappearance of the student protesters on Sept. 26.

Roger Goodell


An arbiter ruled whether NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should testify next month in Ray Rice's appeal of his indefinite ban.


The NHTSA's latest warning brings the recall total to 7.8 million cars, but a mixup prompted confusion about the affected vehicles.


The capital is obviously a political hotspot, and a new report claims it's nowhere near bipartisan -- but it's also not America's bluest city.

Can you guess this teen's A-list mother?

Maya Thurman


This gorgeous girl is the daughter of a former famous couple and she happens to be the spitting image of her actress mother. Recent night out with her mom

Alan Knight


Alan Knight went to extremes to avoid a court date for scamming his neighbor out of nearly $70,000.
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Ebola America


Health officials said Wednesday they will now track passengers coming from West African nations stricken by the virus for symptoms.

3rd February 1982:  American singer Teddy Pendergrass in concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Hulton Archive via Getty Images

In 1982, Teddy Pendergrass was paralyzed after an accident. His passenger kept quiet -- until now.

Carmen had never seen the black box before -- but after taking a closer loko at the 10-year-old item, she couldn't walk away.

The 10 worst airports in the world



Traveler feedback reveals the least comfortable, convenient, clean and serviced airports across the globe -- and one from the U.S. makes the list.American flight center to avoid

Billy Bob Thornton Angelina Jolie


Billy Bob Thornton revealed why he's 'never been fond' of his marriage to Angelina Jolie.
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Ian Davis

Ian Davis

When Dr. Ian Davis was diagnosed with ALS, he decided to prepare his newborn for a fatherless life.
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According to medical experts, one harrowing detail from the report supports multiple accounts about the night Brown was fatally shot.

Renee Zellweger


The actress spurred a huge outcry Tuesday after she stepped out with a drastically different appearance, and now she's explaining why.

London alley


Scientists claimed that they knew who the infamous killer was -- but they may have been wrong.
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kris jenner gordon ramsay photoshop


Kris posted this pic of herself with Gordon Ramsay -- but if you look at a similar one the chef posted, there are noticeable differences.

Zero Dark Thirty


The award-winning actress joined the ranks of stars who suited up or booted up with her intense turn as a CIA officer in 'Zero Dark Thirty.'



When mom Sheryl revealed some heartwarming news, she was able to film her son's amazing reaction.
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Neighbors used to flock to this home because of its decorations -- but now, they don't want their kids anywhere near it.
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Mark Zuckerberg delivers his address to participants during the launch promoting the app in Jakarta on October 13, 2014


At the Facebook co-founder's recent speaking engagement in Beijing, he blew minds when he unleashed a secret personal skill.


73-year-old drama teacher Jacqueline Laurent-Auger was recently fired after students dug up films she starred in more than 40 years ago.

Sister Cristina Scuccia


You won't ever hear this song in church -- but Sister Cristina still picked it as her first single.

Tom Brady


From MVPs and rising stars, to injured icons and rookie flops, our list of the NFL's top 40 signal-callers has it all covered.


The TV star might seem like an obvious choice for the Oscars after his other successful hosting gigs, but someone else got the call first.

Mo'ne Davis

The Little League phenom's paid appearance in a Chevy commercial raised questions about her status as an amateur athlete.

Serious teenager online late at night


The first study of its kind revealed that about half of American adults who use the Internet have been victims of online harassment.


At $13.32 per six-pack, Chicago and another Ill. town share the top spot for costly brews -- but it's actually the cheapest cities creating a buzz.

Barbara Walters


The veteran newswoman will mark her network homecoming with 2014's '10 Most Fascinating People' telecast.


The beleaguered agency was criticized Wednesday for a bizarre assignment that pulled agents away from their official duties.

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams


A report released Wednesday found more academic deception than previous investigations by the school and the NCAA.
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Matthew McConaughey


Former co-stars of the Texas-born Oscar winner turned out in droves to see the actor receive this prestigious award.


After missing two games amid a university investigation, running back Todd Gurley could soon be back on the field for the Bulldogs.

Jeffrey Fowle


The American was met with tears of joy and hugs from his family on Wednesday after he was detained in North Korea for 6 months.

'She saved my life in more ways than one'

Miss Wawa


Students credit Tawanda Jones or 'Miss Wawa' for keeping them alive and out of jail in the city with the highest crime rate in America. Special honor she received
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