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Eric Frein Escorted


Prosecutors said they would pursue the death penalty for Frein, who was captured by U.S. marshals Thursday after a tense 48-day manhunt.

Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr.


Jesse Matthew has been linked to the abduction of three women, and his lawyer made a move Friday that could have a big impact on his fate.

Amityville, N.Y.


Terrifying spirits reportedly live across the U.S., including the real-life Amityville Horror House on Long Island.


Sandra Hale, Mama June's mother, revealed more unsettling details about Anna's molestation in an ET interview.

Senior woman


Researchers have found a strong link between a common illness and developing dementia later in life.



The search for answers about siblings who were found executed during a visit to Mexico has raised suspicion against an elite security force.

shirt punishment


When Kevin found out his daughter had an older boyfriend, he made her wear an outfit she'll never forget.
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'Evil' snowman scares passersby

Annabelle Movie

Warner Bros.

One of the year's scariest movies is loosely based on a treacherous doll that ghosthunters say became possessed by a demon and has wreaked havoc for decades.

Jon Cryer


'Two and a Half Men' star Jon Cryer spoke out on Thursday about Sheen's public meltdown back in 2011.

Malaysian lawyer Arunan Selvaraj, center, speaks to journalists outside a courthouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. Two Malaysian teenage boys on Friday sued Malaysia Airlines and the government over the loss of their father on Flight 370, the first lawsuit filed by the family of a passenger of the jetliner that mysteriously disappeared eight months ago. (AP Photo) MALAYSIA OUT


The lawyer of the two boys, 11 and 13, said they've waited 8 months and believe they have 'sufficient evidence for a strong case.'

This photo provided by Metropolitan Transportation Authority, MTA personnel investigate the scene of a subway train derailment in the Queens borough of New York on Friday, May 2, 2014.  The subway rail that snapped and caused an express F train that was heading for Manhattan and Brooklyn to derail, injuring 19 passengers and stranding hundreds underground, was installed just weeks before the accident, the MTA said Saturday. The rail that broke underneath the train in Queens was manufactured in the U.S. in November and installed in March. The other rails from that shipment will be tracked down and inspected, according to the MTA. The cause of the derailment remains under investigation. (AP Photo/Metropolitan Transportation Authority)


A construction error beneath NYC could have been disastrous, but all 1,000 riders were safely evacuated.



Don't get caught with dead batteries in your much-needed device -- one easy test will tell you if it is on its last leg.

road hazy fog


Nearly 17 hours later, a man in Boone, N.C., had a scary realization.
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On Halloween, most put masks on -- but we found a photo of the goth rocker with his makeup mask off.

LeBron James


Emotions ran high for King James' first home game in Cleveland in four years, but the night ended on a sour note for the Cavaliers.

Delaware Sen. Bethany Hall-Long

Flickr/Christiana Care

State Sen. Bethany Hall-Long is running for re-election -- and her husband reportedly took matters into his own hands.


The average American motorist drives a lot -- and research shows these vehicles are likeliest to withstand all that wear and tear.

A UPS truck drives into a warehouse on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014, in Birmingham, Ala. A UPS employee opened fire Tuesday morning inside one of the company's warehouses in Alabama, killing two people before committing suicide, police said.(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)


When a N.Y. company refused a package because of a $12K 'cash-on-demand' request, the driver turned around and kicked it right back to the truck.

Chelsea Handler


What started out as a joke mocking one world leader is now turning into a mudslinging war of words between the social network and comedienne.

Kim Kardashian


A Kansas mom wants Babies-R-Us to pull the kids' line because she says they are 'racy and damaging' to children.

Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako


Since falling ill in 2001, Masako rarely takes on royal duties -- but she had a big first after 11 years in the shadows.

throwback photo celebrity


You've seen her on the big screen plenty of times recently -- but do you recognize her before fame?

Wine Glass


Doctors are urging makers of alcohol to include specific information on labels in an effort to make people more aware of what they're consuming.



If you've got a pooch, you're probably guilty of all this ... whether you're willing to admit it or not.

Mid adult woman measuring her weight on a weighing scale


They're simpler than you think -- and one sure way to weight loss.


On Thursday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' Dr. Phil sent the Twitterverse aflutter with his choice of words to describe female inmates.



This was one of the most trendy costumes from Halloween back in the day -- but there's one that was even more popular.

Sen. Lindsey Graham


The U.S. senator was at a private, all-male event when he made the comments he now insists were taken out of context.

Doctor, patient


Marilyn Hanft, a retired nurse, had several health scares and hospital visits before doctors discovered what was really wrong with her.


A clip posted online this week made waves by showing how often women get harassed -- but now the star of the video is being attacked.

Biggest Loser


After a tragedy, Woody ballooned to 415 lbs. He has tried to slim down, but this week, he was forced to face his demons.
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Kilauea volcano


You know it's a mistake to get close -- but do you actually know the temperature of that red-hot lava?



There's the Statue of Liberty, Yosemite and more -- but many tourists are heading to a totally unexpected location.

Man and woman screaming


What happens when you unleash a 'bush monster' on unsuspecting adults on a dark path? Pure terror.


Scientists in Moscow carried the monstrous and celebrated animal to its perch this week -- and many onlookers clamored for a photo.


Purple Clover

But once nightfall hits, the water sparkles like a starry sky -- and it's just 1 of the 25 places to see before you die.
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