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While the singer's ensemble looks demure up top, she's showing off her assets with the rest of the outfit's bold design.



Tension continues to mount in the St. Louis suburb Sunday as natives anxiously await the grand jury decision in the Brown shooting.

Man clearing snow


Residents of flood-prone areas around the region were advised to pack a bag and prepare to leave their homes as temperatures rise.



President Barack Obama says Americans want a candidate with less 'mileage' in the 2016 White House race.


Photographers captured a dramatic scene when people banded together in an attempt to help an ocean giant in distress.


The piece of 'plastic' went on display this week in New York as part of a new exhibit curated by the federal government.



Tragedy unfolded at a playground Saturday after a child was seen brandishing a fake weapon when Cleveland police arrived.



A Tallahassee man set his house on fire Saturday and fatally shot the first sheriff's deputy who responded to the emergency.

Marion Barry


The divisive and flamboyant former mayor who died Sunday dominated D.C. politics for decades, but may always be known for his drug use.

Bill Cosby


The comedian commented Friday on the growing accusations of sexual assault that have derailed his career comeback.

Miley Cyrus


No one's transformation has been more scrutinized than Miley Cyrus' -- the singer looked drastically different just a few years ago.
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Jack Kerouac


'The seminal piece of literature of the Beat Generation' was uncovered after it disappeared more than 60 years ago.

Emergency room entrance at night with ambulance


When Sasha looked away for a second, her 9-month-old daughter took a serious spill.

Salt Lake City, UT


The Wildcats maintained hopes of clenching a berth in the conference championship game with their 42-10 win over Utah.

Woman exhausted at desk with coffee


Staying energized is a struggle when you have this disorder -- but getting the right nutrition can help.

2014 Holiday Windows


Each year, the store's Christmas displays are a sight to behold, but have you ever wondered what it takes to 'bring the windows to life'?

incident live tv


Jim was reporting on a snowstorm when in-studio anchors started laughing at the scene behind him -- and the footage just went viral.

Student will never make this mistake again ...

Test-taker totally failed this exam and hears about it in red pen.

Fashionable Hostess

Preparing for Turkey Day doesn't have to be a drag -- this idea is inexpensive and super quick.

Austin Netzley

Austin Netzley

Just six years ago, Austin Netzley was saddled with $81,000 in college loans and other debt. Now, he's living the good life.



You couldn't possibly mess up as bad as this pooch, and it's amazing.
Take a peek
Playful bear has a ball in the snow
Pooch has a vacuum problem

not scared


Jim noticed a large wild animal up in his tree. Instead of running away, a crowd formed.
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Diane Keaton


Keaton, Julia Roberts and Salma Hayek have one beauty secret in common that makes them stand out.



Hopefully you won't need these tips, but it's important to be ready.
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Robber approachign at an ATM
Robber in a parking lot

my hero surprise of a lifetime

AOL Originals

Cyndi has bravely battled four rounds of cancer -- and the MTV star's gift to her was at the top of her 'dream board.'

Car driving


They thought they were left holiday treats -- but the drivers never expected what happened when they left their cars to get the bill.



Putin divulged some information about his presidential future -- and one option that would be 'detrimental for the country.'



The Peace Garden State is lodged at the bottom of a list out this week that details the best places that may put more green in your wallet.

Tanya Young Williams attends her book release party at Juliet Supper Club on December 19, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Mack/FilmMagic)

Steve Mack via Getty Images

Tanya Young Williams predicted that her relationship with an NBA star would end in a life-or-death struggle -- now, she says, she was right.

Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick and company barely got by the lowly Washington Redskins with a 17-13 triumph that kept them in the thick of the playoff chase.
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Angelina Jolie poses at the photo call of Unbroken.


Angelina Jolie is, perhaps, the most famous second wife of all, but there are other notable spouses that may surprise you.

Pretty blonde teenager girl is wearing autumn stylish clothes


Believe it or not, what you eat can dictate how dry your skin gets this fall and winter.

Woman shopping for groceries


Most grocery stores feature this area close to the entrance -- but the best practice is to skip it and come back later.

Online shopping


While the holidays can be costly, heed these insider tips to ensure you don't leave that area blank again when shopping online.


MS patient Trevis Gleason took a look back over the past month and realized that his symptoms have gotten worse.

Demi Lovato


Stars like Demi Lovato, Lily Collins and Melissa Joan Hart are taking photos with their index finger extended.


Critics are worried that Disney's flick 'Into the Woods,' won't do the musical justice -- but Meryl may have just proved them wrong.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson


Minnesota Vikings general counsel Kevin Warren and the NFL have been working to make sure Adrian Peterson does not return this season.
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