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Police have confirmed that Zehaf-Bibeau acted alone in his deadly shooting rampage Wednesday.

Secret Service


Dominic Adesanya, 23, was charged with felonies for jumping the White House fence Wednesday night and attacking the dogs that tackled him.

Elizabeth Pena


The death certificate of the 55-year-old 'Modern Family' actress has emerged weeks after her passing.
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Tom Bergeron and Miss America winner


Tom Bergeron wasn't asked to host Miss America again, and he says a saucy contestant's offer is to blame.



Dozens of people quarantined for Ebola monitoring in Liberia threatened to escape isolation because they lacked supplies.



A recent health study had some scary findings -- a common beverage can significantly speed up your body's aging process.

Demonstrators march in protest for the disappearance of 43 students from the Isidro Burgos rural teachers college, in Mexico City, Wednesday Oct. 22, 2014


Mexican officials have detained two key figures as the 'probable masterminds' of the disappearance of the student protesters on Sept. 26.

The U.S. Navy just christened their newest vessel, but the USS Detroit was too big to launch normally.
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16-month-old Rory decided to show off for his dad ... and the results are cracking us up.
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Britney Spears


Britney is a hit in Las Vegas -- and she's reportedly getting a mind-boggling raise.


After the Giants and Royals exchanged leads in the early innings, a big rally in the sixth altered the game -- and stoked tensions.

Billy Bob Thornton Angelina Jolie


Billy Bob Thornton revealed why he's 'never been fond' of his marriage to Angelina Jolie.
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Elizabeth Vargas


After seeking treatment for alcohol dependency in August, Elizabeth Vargas tweeted big news about her future.

bear in pool


Brutus the bear isn't trespassing -- he's home, and his owner, Casey, treats him like anyone would treat their family dog.

Student graduation ceremony

Image Source via Getty Images

All of Kilgore High came -- but just one teen walked across stage.



When Christine rushed into her home, rescuers thought she was going after a pet -- but she wasn't.

Megyn Kelly


When Megyn showed her kids a TV segment, she was baffled by their reactions.
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Old hands


In China's Guangxi region sits the famed 'Longevity Village' where people routinely live past a century. What's the reason for their supremely long lives?

canada street


After finding more and more alarming animals in the kitchen and bedrooms, the homeowners in Canada had to call for help.

dog reunion


Ryan's service dog changed his life, but he and Duke were parted for six months ... until now.
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The NHTSA's latest warning brings the recall total to 7.8 million cars, but a mixup prompted confusion about the affected vehicles.



You likely haven't considered downing a glass, but this beverage is a great source of important B-complex vitamins.



Most people tend to miss out on the most unique cuts of meat simply because they don't know.



Newly single, Lopez is allegedly looking to make a real estate purchase -- one that would be her 'most luxurious' yet.

woman washing face with water


This isn't just the fastest facial ever -- it features an all-star anti-aging ingredient which, in a flash, reduces wrinkles by over 14 percent.

Mo'ne Davis


The Little League phenom's paid appearance in a Chevy commercial raised questions about her status as an amateur athlete.

Ashoka Mukpo


In a statement Wednesday, the NBC cameraman said he felt blessed but was all too aware of the inequalities that saved his life.

Lego family

Costume Works

This family clearly loved 'The Lego Movie' a little too much -- and they are just one of the groups with totally crazy Halloween ensembles.

Dominic Chianese

HuffPost Live

Dominic Chianese got very emotional over a 'Sopranos' scene.

Facebook's 29-year-old billionaire creator Mark Zuckerberg


At a recent speaking engagement in Beijing, Facebook's 29-year-old billionaire creator blew minds when he opened his mouth.

Fight between women


Melissa was sure that she and her husband's sister wouldn't get along, but a similar experience helped them love each other.



The nation's second largest tobacco company on Wednesday announced new rules for its employees who light up at work.



Investigators uncovered a scandal at UNC involving over 1,500 athletes, spanning over two decades -- and it's much bigger than previously reported.


The capital is obviously a political hotspot, and a new report claims it's nowhere near bipartisan -- but it's also not America's bluest city.

receipts spooling out


Handling thermal paper cash register receipts can dangerously increase your body's absorption of a very risky chemical.

Woman sitting at desk


When you zone out at work or while doing the dishes, your brain goes in to a very interesting mode.



A Seattle news crew was filming another accident when a truck missed them -- by just two feet.
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Woman giving candy to trick or treater


For the 4th year in a row, this top tourist destination is also declared the best spot for kiddies to score Halloween loot.
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