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During a press conference on Friday, the president made a candid admission about America's conduct in the aftermath of 9/11.

Autopsy results in for victim in chokehold death

Eric Garner


Medical examiners have studied Eric Garner's body and said on Friday several factors led to his death.Huge impact ruling has on case


Abigail Hernandez, a 15-year-old who recently returned home after vanishing almost a year ago, made her first public comments Friday.

Rescue workers with 12-year-old stabbing victim.


The judge's ruling will have a big impact on the fate of one of two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls charged with stabbing a classmate.

Tropical Storm Bertha


The storm's heavy rains and strong winds are barreling across the region as officials are urging residents to stay indoors.


Health officials met with African leaders on Friday to discuss why stopping the outbreak has been futile.



Swimmers at Navarre beach in Florida fled as the dark shape moved closer.


When Piper first interacts with the newest member of the 'pack,' she goes through a range of emotions.
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Jolly Time

Daniel Iske

Garry Smith's family business went through some tough times and even got numerous offers to be bought out -- but it never got that far.

Bear Rescue


This is a story of a giant bear and a small bird -- that's in the bear's mouth. And the dramatic scene was captured on video.


According to author Ronald Kessler's anonymous sources, the VP does something that makes secret service agents cover their eyes.
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New details on Bieber-Bloom fight


Crew members aboard the International Space Station posted this stunner on Facebook -- and the full photo is out-of-this-world.

Professional golfer Dustin Johnson


The top-20 ranked golfer will serve a six-month suspension after being caught making a big mistake.


It survived a disastrous launch last October. Now, millions are enrolled -- and a new poll shows Americans' sentiments toward the law.

Chester D. Turner told prosecutors 'I'll be back' after he was convicted for a grisly crime spree that started in 1987 and and didn't end until 1998.

Hole under house

Humane Society of Pinellas

When they investigated, they realized something was inside this hole.

Beyonce and Jay-Z


'The Queen B' may have exposed an intimate detail about her marriage in an upcoming song with Nicki Minaj.


Emergency responders reacted quickly to the potential danger -- but the car owner wishes they had taken a closer look.
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No internet? No problem! Give these options a try and you'll be able to find a free connection, anytime, anywhere.

obama selfie


The Corrados were visiting a Kansas City restaurant when a very familiar face walked into the eatery ... and stepped into this image.



Many don't survive birth, but Butterfly is thriving -- and she's likely the only creature of her kind in Arizona.


Tim Torkildsen's boss thought his article about a common grammatical term involved a 'gay agenda.'
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4 injured when glass fell down

mother lottery winner


After playing the lottery for five years, Kelsey finally lucked out when one of her five tickets was a winner.


A 68-year-old Illinois man is accused of entering a local Shop 'n Save and tampering with different kinds of meat in a very dangerous way.

Tom Willis


Tom Willis was born without arms, but that didn't stop him from wowing the crowd as he took the mound at a Royals game this week.


Don't throw away those grounds from your morning pot of coffee just yet -- we've got 12 ways to reuse them.


With her innocent, clean-cut reputation, the Grammy-winning singer felt the pressure to maintain her public image.
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Star Wars


Mark Hamill, who rose to stardom with his iconic role in the 'Star Wars' franchise, now has a new job.


Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks have listed their ranch-style home in Malibu because these empty nesters are heading home to Nashville.

ATM dispenses gifts


When loyal bank customers approached an ATM in Canada, the machine spoke to them and dispensed a lot more than cash.


The struggling seafood chain is rolling out a new upscale style in an attempt to breathe new life into business.

Surprise wedding


Moments after Beth Wilson said yes to her boyfriend's proposal, he spun her around to reveal a stunning sight.

Everyone has been known to make a scared face or two while riding roller coasters, but these kids take the top prize for funniest photos.



Normally, lights and sirens behind you isn't a good thing-- but for Gavin Falconer, 84, it was a stroke of luck.

She's the first non-traditional athlete to sign with the sports brand.

San Francisco homes


One popular U.S. city's real estate market hit a dubious milestone as the median selling price for homes and condos reached seven figures.

Mark Ruffalo


Many celebrities have aired their views on the escalating conflict, revealing a high-profile divide among entertainers.


Two American aid workers have contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia, but there was only one dose of the experimental serum available.


After an election loss to tea party opponent Dave Brat, U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor planned to serve until January.


It's hard to cut bread out of your diet completely, but you don't have to entirely ban it from your eating plan.

Secretary of Defense


A congressionally backed bipartisan report recently found that one vital program was in danger because of budget cuts.

happy couple


Known for improving emotional bonds between lovers, oxytocin can also help patients with this common disorder.

nasa radar

NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

At least 2,000 people a year die from extreme weather -- but hurricanes, tornadoes and heat waves aren't the top culprit.

The time a heart attack patient arrives at the hospital can affect the patient's chance of survival.

Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise departs Russia


Nearly a year after Russian authorities seized the vessel, the Arctic Sunrise departed for home.

Hans Christian Anderson


Hans Christian Anderson wrote tales of love -- but a newly-discovered letter shows he never found his own.


The 2014 trade deadline proved to be crazy. So who won, who lost, and what was the most surprising deal?
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